Gadabout is the perfect puppeteer's mobile.


Kristi was looking for a van to be able to transport not only her family but also her puppet shows. She wanted something distinctive that was also functional. The ideal van needed to be able to comfortably seat her child with a place for snacks, activities & drinks plus at the same time be able to transport her dog, Chou Chou along with any groceries/camping gear/miscellaneous supplies/furniture or whatever else might need to go from A to B. The vehicle could not be too unwieldy or be too expensive to maintain and operate.

After months of several false leads, Kristi's search started at the beginning again, scouring the internet for something that could fit such high demands. She even began considering travelling as far as Texas to pick up and drive back a possible candidate.

Suddenly, an impossibly cute, little, yellow, smiley faced van popped up on her screen. 

She almost knocked back her chair in excitement! This is the one! She frantically looked to see how far she would have to travel. Could she get there? It was in Pickering! A quick GO Train ride away. Off she went to go see this impossible dream at Right Drive Inc. 

It was literally love at first sight. 

Gadabout is an adventure to drive.

She is right hand drive so the driver sits close to the side of the road. The front passenger finds themselves the recipient of many smiles, waves, cheers, questions and curious looks.

Her engine is in the rear - it is an automatic transmission Clover4 660cc Supercharger which means she is happy gadding about the city streets at around 40kms and enjoys the countryside on the secondary highways at around 80kms. Her back bumper can be removed to access it for any oil or filter changes. Both her windshield wiper fluid and coolant tanks are located on either side of the rear hatch door. Her gas tank is located by the front passengers door where they can sit and fill her dainty tank as it is quite low to the ground. One tank can take her about 400 kms and dependent on current pricing costs about $28 from empty.

Gadabout is full of little quirks. Her windows are manual, wipers and turn signals reversed from standard North American left hand drive. She is a vehicle that you drive rather than be driven because you must manually adjust rather than have automation take over. 

When the rear seats are folded down into a platform, Gadabout measures 4 foot wide by 6 foot long by 4 feet high. Not bad for only being 11 feet long! She is perfect at the drive-in, or staring up at  the stars through the moon roof while camping. She can fit an entire puppet show + mobile shoppe plus a passenger in the back (with snacks) comfortably.


Gadabout has a sunroof in front that is manual and a large back moonroof that runs on tracks which opens up most of the roof. With all four windows down and the roof open, Chou Chou the puppet dog is in heaven! Literally Gadabout can have puppets puppeteered out of the roof, the sides and the back hatch. Kristi is in the process of creating a magnetic tent/theatre/mobile shoppe for the back and sides of Gadabout to perform and sell her creations on site.

She is a joy to drive just due to her unusual nature but also the positivity that surrounds her wherever she goes. She brings smiles even on rainy days, getting photographed and filmed wherever she goes. She has had countless selfies taken with her and even at times receiving hugs. She exemplifies the spirit of Anarkiti.

Model, Body type::  1990 Subaru Sambar Dias – Supercharged!

Fuel Type:: Gas

Engine Power:: 4 Cylinder, 660cc SuperCharged! ( KW / BHP )

Transmission::  Automatic

Color:: Yellow with white accents

Doors:: 4

Drivetrain:: RWD

Location:: Toronto, Canada, Landed

Mileage:: 98,000 KM

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